We pride ourselves on our one-on-one customer service.  We prefer to speak with you over the phone so that we get to know you and you get to know us.  We love customizing everyone's Alaskan fishing trip experience so take a look at the various services & packages that we offer below, and then give us a call so that we can start building your adventure!

check our may & june specials below with meals included


fishing & lodging specials

2 nights/1 charter.......$795  Save $300

3 nights/1 charter......$1050  save $395

3 nights/2 charters....$1450  save $395

4 nights/2 charters....$1750  save $445

4 nights/3 charters....$1995  save $600

5 nights/3 charters....$2295  save $600

5 nights/4 charters....$2595  save $700


may 28-june 17

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july & august charter fishing trip RATES

At J-Dock Sport Fishing, we employ only the best captains and crew in the industry who are very serious, passionate, and live for their profession.  They work very hard to make sure each guest has the best possible Alaskan fishing adventure and try exceptionally hard to acquire the “Grande Slam” (catching 4 or more different species during a fishing trip.)  They're your crew, they're our crew. They're the best of the best.

Our vessels are state of the art and we only use top of the line fishing gear.  We travel farther, fish longer, and are very serious about providing an all around amazing experience that you can tell “fishing tales” from for years to come.

You can rest assured that you're in good hands when fishing with j-Dock.







full day.....................$395

half day.....................$225


We offer everything from a bed to rest your head on to a full-service experience that includes breakfast, lunch, & dinner prepared by a world-class chef.  As your one-stop-shop, we can make arrangements so that you're fully taken care of from the moment you arrive in Seward to the moment you leave!


fishing & lodging


2 nights/1 charter..........$1095

3 nights/1 charter..........$1445

3 nights/2 charters........$1840

4 nights/2 charters........$2195

4 NIGHTS/3 CHARTERS........$2595

5 NIGHTS/4 CHARTERS........$3295

6 NIGHTS/5 CHARTERS........$3895

7 NIGHTS/6 CHARTERS........$4495

Wake up to a warm breakfast served around 5:30am.  Slide into some warm clothes and travel to where your adventure begins: J-Dock. Your pre-packaged cooler with lunch, snacks, & drinks will be provided to you from the lodge to make your long chartered fishing trip enjoyable. Your captain awaits your arrival on the dock for you 6am departure. After an exciting day on the water, your captain will bring you back to the dock around 6pm, where you'll hang your catch, take pictures, and be shuttled back to the lodge to wind down and share stories of the day over a 3-course meal.


This is the most exciting trip we offer. We offer two packages for overnight fishing experiences: An island overnight at PORT ASHTON LODGE and a long range trip on the GLACIER BEAR.  The Glacier Bear was a favorite of Kamell's and for good reason. It's a pioneer boat that offers the ultimate Alaskan charter fishing experience on our long range trip. We'll journey to hard to reach fishing locations and fish harder and longer than ever before. Completely relax and submerge yourself in the Alaskan wilderness, knowing that your accommodations will be completely catered to. The Glacier Bear provides an experience that is truly unparalleled in Seward, Alaska. If you're after the big fish, this is the trip you're looking for.

The Overnight Packages are of popular demand so please call in advance to check availability.


glacier bear

3 DAYS/6 ANGLERS...$3385/PP

3 DAYS/5 ANGLERS...$3985/PP

2 DAYS/6 ANGLERS...$2555/PP

2 DAYS/5 ANGLERS...$2985/PP


*3 nights lodging

and all meals included!

If you’re looking for an amazing long range fishing trip and want to stay in a picturesque lodge, the PORT ASHTON LODGE fishing trips will exceed your expectations.  We offer the long range charter fishing premium along with the opportunity to stay at one of South Central Alaska’s most remote lodges at PORT ASHTON.  Their cabins offer a perfect setting nestled in the heart of some of the best big game fishing opportunities in Alaska.

These fishing trips also offer quality and quantity fishing opportunities. You are located in areas that again, are rarely fished, and you also spend more time enjoying your adventure and fishing.


island overnight




2 days fish/1 night......$1195

3 days fish/2 nights....$1840


 fly-out adventure available!

Travel to remote parts of Alaska to observe wild life and fish private lakes. Believe us when we say that it's a once in a lifetime experience. This trip can be perfectly combined with a few days of fishing or mix it in with a multi-excursion package.  Call us for our availability.


fly-out adventure



fishing & sight-seeing


This package is whatever you want it to be:  fishing, kayaking, sight-seeing, a fly-out adventure. Maybe you want to do a guys/girls trip and split the group up between fishing and sight-seeing, or maybe it's a family trip with a little bit of everything. We can even mix and match the various charter fishing and lodging packages from above. It's not uncommon for the extreme fisherman to do a 3-day long range guided fishing trip followed by a 2-day island overnight. J-Dock Sport Fishing works with various top-quality outfitters to customize everything so that your trip can be as unforgettable as you're dreaming of. Give us a call and allow us to do what we do best: make your dreams come true!


ultimate alaska package

the be all end all!

call for pricing

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