Why Travel To Alaska: Big Game Fishing and More Part Two


Welcome back to J-Dock Sports Fishing blog! In part one, we discussed the immense natural beauty of our home state, which was one of the driving factors that convinced our founder, The Duke, to choose Alaska for the location of his chartered fishing company. In this entry, we’ll discuss more of what you can do on your Alaskan charter fishing trip, besides just hauling huge salmon and juicy halibut onto the deck of your fishing boat.

The Culture

Because of the various cultural influences on Alaska, it has an entirely different culture than the rest of the United States. With influences from Canada, Russia, and even some native cultures, it all sources together into something completely unique that colors the Last Frontier with a certain character that is more than just charming. In fact, while the culture is entertaining and interesting from town to town, there is still an undercurrent of tribal expectations. There are rules about marrying in the “Crow system.” This is to prevent inbreeding and promote a healthy, happy marriage according to the native’s beliefs. The various cultures offer more opportunities as you travel from town to town, for example, you’ll find German beer influences as well as native foods, like pickled whale blubber and other interesting delicacies that are sure to heighten the constant sense of adventure.

The Adventure

Alaskan charter fishing trips aren’t the only place you can find extreme adventures in Alaska. The wilderness surrounding us on all sides leaves plenty of opportunities for you to find and do things that you’ve never even thought of doing. Paddleboard around glaciers, bundled up in coats and gloves to go and get up close to all of the stunning beauty of the glittering ice and expansive ocean on all sides. Hike to the top of a glacier or hire a dog sledding team and let a troop of huskies pull you through snows at high speeds. Maybe all of that seems too mellow? Go try out the longest zip ride in the world or take a seaplane to a remote island and explore the endless wilderness while the air shimmers with possibilities all around you.

The Peace

After a fulfilling adventure, you’ll want to just relax and trust us, Alaska is equipped to offer perfect silence too. Interested in strolling through the quaint town of Seward? Or maybe you’re more interested in sitting in slightly chilly air drinking craft beer and looking at the green of the trees the vibrancy of the landscape and the fullness of nature. Wherever you travel in Alaska, rest assured that there is the perfect balance of the unexpected and the calm and relaxing expected at your beck and call.

The Northern Lights

While Alaska’s natural beauty is abundant, there’s nothing like the northern lights. Alaska is the perfect place to see the northern lights, as the darker skiers and early sunsets up the chances that you’ll catch a glimpse of the stunning aurora borealis. If you’ve planned your trip in Autumn, you’ll have the best chance of watching the sky light up with a beautiful stream of colors.

Contact J-Dock Sports Fishing

Without a doubt, Alaska offers one of the best settings for any adventure lover, from chartered fishing, to craft beer, to the aurora borealis. When people think of the mysterious and attractive north, they’re thinking of Alaska’s sprawling wilderness with the sea always just at hand. Experiencing what Alaska has to offer should not be your last item on your bucket list, it should be the first. If you’re interested in getting a taste of adventure like you’ve never had before, contact J-Dock Sports Fishing. While we specialize in solitary, reflective trips to cabins in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness as well as staying at our resort near J-Dock, we also offer trip planning services. We understand that to fully enjoy your trip, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of the details. Contact us ahead of time and we’ll walk you through the options you have for your trip. Whether you’d rather keep it relaxed and just explore Seward and the beautiful tourist attractions the town offers or if you're seeking thrills that involve glaciers and northern lights, we’re prepared to accommodate you.