2015 40’ Armstrong Marine

High-Speed Planing Catamaran

Heated interior & bathroom

Full wrap around Deck

10-12 passengers


2014 40’ Armstrong Marine

High-Speed Planing Catamaran

Heated interior & bathroom

Full wrap around Deck

10-12 passengers


2014 36’ Armstrong Marine

High-Speed Planing Catamaran

Heated interior & bathroom

Full wrap around Deck

6 passengers


1990 50’ DELTA Marine


sleeping arrangements

bathroom & kitchen

6 passengers





Will gentry is an award winning captain with over 20 years experience fishing in alaskan waters. he’s a master of his craft. his talent coupled with his years behind the captain’s wheel make him the “fish whisperer” of alaska. once you fish with will, there’s no turning back. don’t believe us? book a charter with mr. gentry and you’ll see for yourself why they call him…

the legend


aaron tompkins


aaron tompkins is the cowboy of the sea. his southern charm, wit, and excitement are just the icing on top of his incredible gift as a fishing captain. halibut, salmon, rockfish, you name it. he’ll get you hooked on the fish of your dreams while keeping you laughing along the way. aaron’s the ultimate host to your fishing adventure. and if you get to know him well enough, he might just let you call him...



pat gainey


pat gainey is the all-american fishing guide, hailing from minnesota. a charter with pat is never short of a blast. he’s quite the family man, but with a fishing pole in hand he’s a wild man. he takes no prisoners. Fish be warned, pat gainey has a license to kill, and he’s coming for you.

pat daddy


griffin woodall


griffin woodall is loved by all, From Montana to alaska. his longtime experience working with will gentry has led him to become an accomplished captain of his own. for those who’ve fished with griff before have come to love his dry wit, and for those who haven’t, you’ll soon get to know the hawg hunter that he is. griff is after the big boys.

big griff


matt smith

(unavailable for the 2019 season)


matt smith knows how to get er’ done. He’s a good ol’ boy from texas with an immense love for fishing in alaska. He quickly worked his way up from deckhand to captain and he’s been showing anglers of j-dock a great time ever since. his kindness, work ethic, and talent as a fishing guide is why we call him the...

the golden boy



(unavailable for the 2019 season)


gregg tanji has experience fishing all over the U.S., with many years on long range charters out of san diego and crabbing boats out of san francisco. his work is calculated and measured. his focus and determination coupled with his years experience make him a very successful fishing captain. he’s not happy until you’re happy. and if you asked anyone who’s fished with gregg before, you’d know that he always provides a trip of a lifetime.




diane gentry


the captains might host your experience on the water, but diane gentry is the host to your entire alaskan adventure. she’s the manager and coordinator to your vacation and believe us when we say that you can’t wish for a better guide than diane. to be frank, diane is a BADASS. once you encounter her infectious personality, you’ll see why we call her...

sweet d

sarah tompkins


sarah tompkins is diane’s partner in crime. pass through our office and you just might fall under the spell of sarah’s charm and wit. she’s also a guru of all things harry potter, and just like the wizarding world itself, sarah is just simply magic.


annie gillespie


annie is a sweetheart. her love for the outdoors, along with her hunting & fishing skills, make her a perfect member of the j-dock family. and boys, don’t be embarrassed if she shows you up when it comes to fishing, because she probably will.


kyle stene


have you ever heard of “the pat and kyle show?” if you haven’t, then you should book a trip with pat gainey and kyle stene to find out why their boat gets booked up months in advance. and if you have heard of “the pat and kyle show", then enough said.


colin gillard


we’ve never met anyone who works as hard as colin while keeping such a great attitude. he’s one of the best crew hands of j-dock and if you fish on a boat with colin then you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of.