What Is Chartered Fishing


If you’ve never been charter fishing, you may think it’s an extravagant extension of a hobby. As an Alaskan charter fishing company, we’d beg to differ. Sports fishing is hardly an extension of fishing, it is the entire enterprise of big game fishing. Furthermore, if you’re basing your perception of charter fishing off of a TLC show like “Deadliest Catch,” you’re probably pretty far off already. While chartered fishing trips in Alaska are brimming with charm and adventure, for many people it’s exciting because you don’t know what will come up when you reel your catch in. There has always been a call from the sea that humans hear, despite the danger. The intrigue of what that vast expanse of blue has to offer has always been fueled by the insatiable curiosity of our minds. The sea is the promise of adventure and excitement and that’s no different in regard to charter fishing trips.

It’s Big Game Fishing For A Reason

If you’ve ever purchased an aquarium or even a pond, you’ve probably heard that fish grow to fit the tank that they’re in. Thus, it’s no surprise that the fish you’ll be reeling could be the length of your body. The fruits of your labor while on your offshore fishing charter will be immense. In fact, we expect you to catch enough to tip your crew with it, which we encourage. They know how to fish, so there’s no guilt in just giving the man the fish. One of the main draws of fishing in Seward is the kinds of fish that you can catch, not only the size. From Rockfish to Halibut to King Salmon, all the big game fishing opportunities will reap delicious, fatty fish that can be packaged, kept fresh, and flown to your door back home so it’s ready for you to prepare when you return home.

It’s About the Destination

There are several areas around the United States that are marketed as charter fishing hotspots. These areas include the New England coast like Maine and Connecticut as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. However, the more exotic places like the Carribean, Bahamas and Alaska draw travelers from all over the world, rather than just the larger part of America. These exotic destinations draw people for two main reasons — the fish are better quality both in size and flavor as well as their natural scenery. Seward calls many to its shores with its towering, glimmering glaciers, seclusion, and stunning vegetation and wildlife. It’s hard to see pictures of Seward, Alaska and not be drawn to having it as the backdrop of your daring sea adventures and charter fishing trips.

Sports Fishing So Good You Need Special Tackle

You can’t pull in a fish the size of an adolescent with dental floss and a small stick. Heavy-duty tackle is necessary to be able to pull those monsters you’re baiting in the deep. J-Dock Sports Fishing provides the higher-test fishing line with high-tension rods for all of our charter fishing trips so you never begrudge the one that got away. Then again, if it pulls the fishing rod straight out of your hands, there’s not much your crew can do.

Wide Range of Techniques

Alaska features many different species for you to fish for, and though they’ll change depending on the season, there will be the opportunity to enhance your fishing technique. If you’re interested in catching one of those giant halibuts, you’ll need to employ bottom fishing tactics to reach the lower levels where fatty, delicious bottom feeders dwell. To catch different kinds of salmon, you’ll employ other techniques that determine where you rest your line, how you tie the bait, and how you let the fish catch the scent and lead them out into the open waters.

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A charter fishing trip is an unparalleled experience that is only enhanced by the secluded beauty of Alaska. Big game fishing is more than a hobby, it’s the thrill of the sea calling to you. Contact us to start the whirlwind adventure that you’ll never forget.