Why Alaska Is The Best Charter Fishing Spot?


Alaska is a state full of stunning landscapes with incredible wildlife and invigorating, chilly air. It’s also home to J-Dock Sports Fishing, our quaint fishing lodge that has become a successful business under the diligent watch of our founder, Kamell. Over the years, our little fishing lodge has become the enterprise we always dreamed it would be with access to several, experienced captains and crews and a beautiful lodge. Our lodge’s express purpose is to give you access to one of the most beautiful areas to fish in and make a true Alaskan fishing charter available to you.

The Experience

While some are still under the impression that Alaska houses polar bears and penguins, and that Russia is visible from our coast, that just isn't true. We’re not a frozen wasteland, we’re actually very green and our landscape is exceptionally beautiful. J-Dock Sports Fishing offers charter fishing trips that provide an all-inclusive experience that can not be matched. Upon your arrival, you’ll become fully immersed in the Alaskan fishing experience. You’ll be transported from the airport, through dense greenery and finally to our authentic Alaskan lodge near the roaring sea. You’ll have the opportunity to relax, enjoy the fresh salty air and crisp chill wind racing through the trees before our first included meal of Alaskan fish prepared by our highly-skilled cooks.

You’ll awake to watch the sunrise over the rocky cliffs and craggy mountains blankets in vivid emerald hues to travel down to the pier where you’ll meet your crew. You’ll board the fishing boat and set off out into open water accompanied by the smell of the sea and the crisp early morning air. Your adventure will start and end like a line of poetry: concise and beautiful.

The Big Game FIshing

On your trip, you’ll be able to catch a variety of species of fish including halibut, Black and Yellow-Eye Rockfish. If you book your sports fishing trip during the months of May or June, you’ll get the opportunity to hook a King Salmon, or you could shoot for a Silver Salmon in July and August. If you’re craving the taste of Lingcod, schedule your adventure after the first of July, as they’ll be around the rest of the season in Seward.

The Fruits Of Alaskan Fishing Trips

That impressive specimen you haul onto the deck after a fierce tug of war isn’t just good for a Facebook profile picture. J-Dock offers packing and shipping for your delicious fish, but we’ll only ship it there when you’ll be there. If you scheduled a 4-day, completely immersive trip up through the secluded portions of the Prince Williams Sound, you can still keep your prize. While you're nestled in a charming, remote Alaskan lodge on an island, surrounded by grey rock, deep green foliage and contrasting skys, your fish will be safe. If you’re more interested in staying closer to town, your fish can be cooked and prepared for you that night. With highly-skilled cooks at your fingertips during your stay, your fish will end up being as flavorful and mouthwatering as you’re dreaming of. By the end of your charter fishing trip, your idea of seafood will be totally altered.

Contact J-Dock Sports Fishing

We don’t peddle a boat trip around Seward. We aren’t offering a world-class cook for your caught fish. We aren’t just providing you with a lodge and a trip. We’re selling more than a way to relax. We’ve crafted an experience based off of years of enjoying the powerful vibrance of the wildlife and waters of Seward, Alaska. Together, we can forge more than an unforgettable experience, we’ll redefine the narrative of your existence. The crisp air and waters are waiting, come join us.